Monday, December 19, 2005

DVD's to Koreans at stores. Mon, Dec 19, 2005.

12/19/2005. On the way to a friend's house I wanted to stop at a Korean-owned Asian grocery store for some exotic candy and snacks for her granddaughter. There were actually three Korean-owned businesses next to each other in the strip mall.

One was a dry-cleaners. Independent dry cleaning businesses are often Korean-owned. I could tell this one was, because part of the sign painted on the front window was in Korean. I took in a Joy to the World DVD and presented it to a man who looked like he worked there. He didn't seem to understand English well, but he accepted it with only a little bit of confusion. There is a Korean audio track to the DVD, which I pointed out on the cover. I didn't have any dry cleaning, it was just a hit-and-run, but it's close enough to Christmas that a Nativity DVD seemed acceptable to give to someone out of the blue.

The next store I went to was a gift and housewares store. I needed a 6 to 8 quart stock-pot. I knew I'd pay a little more here than at a discount store, but I felt like making another opportunity. I also wanted to browse for more gifts for my friend, her two daughters and her granddaughter. I noticed they had a rack of very nice Korean and Korean/English bibles. I ended up buying a three piece cookware set with a stock-pot, lid, and steamer inset basket. I took it out to the car, and brought in a Joy to the World DVD and presented it. The lady owner accepted it very graciously, and a Korean lady who could speak English translated a little bit for them about what it was.

I then went to the grocery store and bought a Korean cookie, some ginger crackers and ginger candy for my friend's granddaughter. And some big bowls of instant noodle soup and some two-pound bags of brown rice for my friend and her daughters. I really like brown rice better than white rice, and it's said to be much more nutritious.

I paid, took my stuff out to the car, and brought back in another copy of the same DVD. This lady appeared to not understand that I wanted to give it to her, but when I said "Merry Christmas" as I extended it to her, she finally understood.

This store had Korean and Korean/English Bibles for sale too.

Sometimes I number giving out DVD's as moments, but I'm not going to for this.


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