Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Journal Entry. Wed, Oct 12, 2005.

10/12/2005. I had earlier called the Zionsville Sisters to follow up on some referrals, and one of them called me back.

1) They have a French-speaking investigator who committed to baptism, but hadn't set a date. He has received some opposition from his parents, and was postponing his decision to get baptized. This investigator was not my referral, but I had loaned the sisters some French-language church videos for him.

2) The baby-sitter and children of the sisters' Vietnamese neighbors had taken some lessons and were progressing. The parents weren't interested. When I dropped off the French videos with the Sisters, I noticed this family playing outside next door, and I pointed them out to the Sisters and encouraged them to approach that family and offer them a Book of Mormon in their language.

3) Earlier in the year, the Ward Mission Leader and I gave Twi and English copies of Gospel Fundamentals to a lady who called me after seeing one of my flyers at her place of work. The Twi Book of Mormon hadn't come out yet, but we gave her an English copy. After the Twi Book of Mormon became available, I ordered some, and gave one to our ward missionaries to pass along to the Zionsville Sisters during an exchange. During our phone conversation tonight, the Sister confirmed that they did give the Twi Book of Mormon to the lady, and had already had two discussions with her, and she expressed interest in visiting church !


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