Thursday, September 15, 2005

Updates #395, #396. French and Vietnamese. Thu, Sep 15, 2005


Update to #395: On August 20, 2005, I visited the sister missionaries in the Zionsville ward to give them a French Book of Mormon and 3 DVD's with French tracks. I also loaned them 2 VHS tapes in French. The sisters called me today, Sept 15th, and said that their French-speaking investigator has committed to baptism, and is working out a baptism date.

Update to #396: On August 20, 2005, when leaving the sisters, I saw an Asian family playing in the yard next door. I went back to the sisters and suggested they go over and introduce themselves and offer them a Book of Mormon in their language. They were Vietnamese, so the sisters went back in their apartment and retrieved the Vietnamese Book of Mormon I had given them. I also retrieved a Vietnamese pamphlet from the car. And the sisters went over and made the presentation. Today, Sept 15th, the sisters said that the family's baby-sitter has since initiated contact with them to request more information, and an appointment has been made for the first discussion.


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