Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Moment #427. Yoruba at gym. Tues, Sep 20, 2005

09/20/2005. At the gym I saw a group of four men speaking English with a foreign accent while they were using the weights. I went to do my 30 minute routine on a treadmill. After my workout, while I was cleaning up the machine, they started to leave, but didn't all leave in one group. I hurried up and left right behind the third one. The first two had already gone to their car.

Outside, I asked him if he spoke French. He said no. He said he was from Nigeria. I asked if he spoke Igbo or Yoruba, and he said Yoruba. I said my church has books in Yoruba, that I had one in my car, and that it was free, if he'd like to see it. He said he would, and followed me to my car. I got out the Yoruba Gospel Fundamentals, gave it to him, and he started flipping through it. I gave him an English and Yoruba Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlets too. Then I dug out an English Gospel Fundamentals, which he also eagerly accepted. I said I had more back home if his friends wanted them, and they could call me at my number on my card inside the books.

We exchanged names and shook hands. After he started to go to his car I remembered I had a Yoruba Bible too. So I got it out, and called after him, and presented it to him.


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