Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Moment #424. Chinese declined. Wed, Sep 14, 2005

09/14/2005. I met a member at a Chinese buffet for supper at 6:00pm. We put out the two kinds of Chinese Book of Mormon on out table, but the busboy was Hispanic not Chinese. Looking back, we totally spaced the idea of offering him a Spanish Book of Mormon. There were two Asian employees who were extremely busy at the cash register and puting out food on the buffet tables. Neither of them passed by our table. After we finished eating, we were hoping to catch one of them at the cash register, but the one employee was only there when someone came in. They were just always on the move, it being the busy dinner hour.

We finally decided to just go to the cash register on our way out. We stood there for a few moments, and the male employee came up. My friend made the offer but the man politely declined. I let my friend keep the 2 Chinese and an English copy for the next time that he ate at a Chinese restaurant.


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