Friday, March 11, 2005

Moment #221. Chinese at restaurant, Ft. Collins. Fri, March 11, 2005.


3 Simplified Chinese/1 Traditional Chinese/4 English.
Chinese Restaurant, Ft Collins CO. Friday, March 11, 2005.

Yesterday I offered to take the missionaries to lunch today. They called when they were ready, so I picked them up and took them to a buffet that the motel desk clerk recommended.

It was a good one, with a Mongolian grill. I stuffed the missionaries' coat pockets with books, and took my little black case with 6 books.

We got our food, sat down, put the books on the table, and when the waiter came around, he did a classic double-take.

I offered him the books, and he accepted the Simplified Chinese copy. He was hesitant about the English until I explained he could read them together to learn more English.

I offered books for all the employees, and he accepted 2 more Simplified Chinese, and one Traditional Chinese, along with an English copy to go with each Chinese copy.

He started reading it right there. And throughout our meal, we saw him reading occasionally at his station in the corner.

When we left, he gave one pair of books to the cashier.

I gave the missionaries the name and address of the restaurant from last night and asked if they could get a Mandarin Chinese speaking member to contact the man at that Chinese restaurant. They said that since the senior companion is the District Leader, he meets with the Stake Presidency every Sunday and will check with him then, and pass on the info.

The missionaries were duly impressed with the placement, and thankful for the meal.

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