Thursday, March 10, 2005

Moment #220. Chinese. Thur, Mar 10, 2005.

03/10/2005/ Arrived Denver. Rented a car at the Airport. While driving North to Ft. Collins, I couldn't find a Chinese restaurant at two exits, and just had to
eat, so stopped at McDonalds.

Arrived Ft. Collins. Used printout from to get to the Stake Center. Family History Center was open. One of the volunteers let me get names and numbers for one of the wards from their copy of the Stake Directory.

Arrived at motel room. Called EQ Pres, high councilor over the singles, and missionaries, and left messages. EQ Pres's wife called back with name and number. Missionaries called back with more.

Ended up talking to two single sisters in town and found out Single Adult events for the weekend. 2nd sister offered to have dinner with me that very night (Thursday).

We made a blind date to meet at a Chinese restaurant I passed on way to Stake Center. Met her there, and she's about my age and attractive.

We ordered, sat down, and I placed the two flavors of Chinese Books of Mormon on the table. Waitress did a classic double-take, and I offered her the book. She was reading it, and then one of the cooks brought out the other plate and looked at the book too. The waitress declined a copy. But the cook wanted one (Mainland Chinese version) to give to his mother. He didn't want an English one at first, but when I pointed out it can be used to learn English, he accepted it.

Later while we were eating, he came back to our table with the info-flyer (I made an info flyer for Ft Collins with Missionaries' phone #, Mission office phone #, and addresses of the 4 chapels), and he asked which church had members who speak Chinese. We said we didn't know, but would find out for him.

My dinner companion was very pleasant, and we planned on going to a couple of the Singles events together.

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