Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Moment #91. Chinese. Nov 10, 2004.

11/10/2004. After delivering the Portuguese Bible and Books of Mormon to the Sisters, Brother Smith and I went to lunch at the Chinese restaurant that I had in mind. I put the two flavors of Chinese Books of Mormon on the table. Our waiter, a Mandarin-speaking Chinese young adult, said that he already had that book, and was a member of the Church but had not attended for two years since he moved. Then he asked where the nearest church was.

I pointed out the "info flyer" in the Book of Mormon and indicated which chapel was his ward. Brother Smith, our ward's mission leader, got his name and number and will have the missionaries get in touch with him. We gave him extra copies of the Book of Mormon for his wife and co-workers, and we also gave him a bilingual parallel Chinese/English New Testament.

I started on my won-ton soup, and told Jerry that I was not humble enough for all these coincidences. Then he said "Speaking of humble, let's pray before eating."


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