Thursday, October 14, 2004

Moment #73. Hindi/Swahili at Post Office. Oct 14, 2004.

10/14/2004. Interesting coincidence with a friend of a previous contact.

I got my PO box mail, and tore up the junk mail at the counter near the front door.

A young adult man came to the counter and put a box in the waste basket. He looked Indian (from India). We made eye contact, so I asked "Do you speak any foreign languages?" He said Hindi. I said I had a book in Hindi, called the Book of Mormon, in my car, and would like to give it to him. I asked if he'd like to see it, and he said yes. He followed me to the parking lot, and I retrieved a Hindi Book of Mormon from my trunk.

As I removed it from the plastic bag, he saw my other box marked "African." He asked if I had African languages too. I said sure, what are you interested in? He said Swahili. I handed the Hindi book to him, and took out the Swahili Book of Mormon. He said he grew up in East Africa.

A light bulb went off over my head, and I told him that just last week I gave a Swahili Book of Mormon to another Indian man from East Africa (Moment #61 on Oct 4th). I described the previous man to him, and said he drove a white Cadillac, and I asked if he knew him. This man said "I know him as my uncle."

Small world. Both encounters were on Indy's West side, just a few miles and 10 days apart. But, is this really a coincidence?

I also gave him an English copy. I mentioned that my phone number and other information was in the books in case he wanted to learn more. We shook hands and departed.

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